Simone Knego speaks at JWF Women Lighting the Way October 2023

Held on October 25, 2023 at Knolllwood Country Club. JWF's annual Women Lighting the Way event with guest speaker and author Simone Knego.

This year, we are celebrating the important milestone of Jewish Women’s Foundation’s 25th anniversary. Please consider supporting Jewish Women’s Foundation by becoming a sponsor of this year’s annual Women Lighting the Way event featuring Simone Knego. Over the past 25 years, JWF has helped women locally and abroad respond to domestic abuse, aided women in becoming economically self-sufficient, enriched the lives of girls and women of all ages through educational programs and cultural events, helped support women dealing with substance abuse, funded work training programs and supported women with chronic illnesses. Your sponsorship this year will ensure that JWF will continue to advance social change and expand opportunities for Jewish women, their families and community.