About Us

The Jewish Women’s Foundation of Metropolitan Detroit (JWF) is a grantmaking organization that advances social change by expanding opportunities for Jewish women, their families and community.  The Foundation empowers its Trustees as advocates, leaders and philanthropists. JWF is a trusted and proud community partner, established by Jewish women, funded by Jewish women and run by Jewish women in a democratic environment where each Trustee has a voice and a vote. 

Our History

JWF began in 1998 when a number of studies pointed to significant gender disparities in foundation grants in both secular and religious giving.  Less than 5% of grants nationwide were funding programs that specifically benefitted women and girls; an even smaller proportion of money was going to promote social change and gender equity in work, school, athletics and social services.

The women who brought down Larry Nasser: Angela Povilaitis Prosecutor of the Larry Nassar Case; Lieutenant Andrea Munford MSU Lead Investigator of the Nassar Case; and survivors Larissa Boyce and Trinea Gonczar

Our Values

Excellence: we strive for the highest quality work in all that we do.

Tzedakah and Tikkun Olam: we honor our traditions by building a more just world.

Partnership: our Trustees are discerning grantmakers, philanthropists and leaders, and our work connects them directly to our community.

Inclusivity: our grants and Trustees reflect all ages and all streams of Judaism.

Collaboration: we encourage coalitions among organizations that create programs and projects specifically designed to benefit Jewish women and girls