Imagine the Possibilities

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In 1999, the Jewish Women’s Foundation began with three simple words, “Imagine the Possibilities”. We imagined what we could accomplish if we combined our philanthropic dollars, empowering us to help the Jewish women and girls of today and those future generations. The possibilities are limitless.

You can too: Trustee Involvement

  • The JWF provides a hands-on forum for involvement with a group of committed women who have the vision and the resources to make an impact on the community.
  • The Foundation supports innovative programs and projects that benefit Jewish women and girls.
  • Foundation Trustees become knowledgeable grant-makers by participating in grant cycle planning, due diligence and grant determinations.
  • Each Trustee has an equal voice and vote on all grant-making, financial and policy divisions.
  • Trustees participate in Foundation operations and oversight of the Foundation’s’ finances and endowment.
  • The JWF fosters individual relationships, develops leadership skills and advances community connections.

Trustee Commitment Levels

Your philanthropic commitment to the JWF entitles you to all of the privileges and responsibilities of a Trustee. Your commitment can be made at one of the following levels.

Trustee Commitment
$10,000 for a 5 year Trustee terms, payable over 5 years and renewable at the end of the term.

Young Women’s Trustee Commitment
$5,000 (For women up to age 40) for a 5 year Trustee term, payable over 5 years and renewable at the appropriate commitment level (age dependent) at the end of the term.

Lifetime Trustee Commitment
$50,000 payable over 5 years for Lifetime Trustee privileges.

Trans-Generational Trustee Commitment
$100,000 payable over 5 years for Trustee privileges for the Donor, her Mother, Daughters, Step-Daughters, Daughters-In-Law, Granddaughters (vertical relationships) in perpetuity.

Trustee Commitment Form